Riverbend Homes, Carmacks


CDC has become the first private developer in the Community of Carmacks. Riverbend Homes, a new multi-residential development, has begun on Lot 16 (old trading post store). The new development is owned by CDC and provided a new modern look to the Riverfront residential market in Carmacks, Yukon.

The development is a multi-million dollar investment in the community. CDC worked to design the project and secure a blend of traditional debt, private equity and Yukon Government financial support in order to make the project a success.

The new development takes the Village of Carmacks, Official Community Plan to heart as we strive to bring new affordable homes to the downtown, all serviced with a commercial grade well and tied into the Village Septic System. High energy efficiency and a beautiful modern facade will make this a project that stands out in our community.

CDC is in the final stage of completing a second multi-million dollar residential development adjoining the original housing complex. This development, which will benefit the village of Carmacks and the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation (LSCFN), was solely funded by the Carmacks Development Corporation sole shareholder LSCFN.

Future feasibility discussions have commenced respecting an additional twelve unit development on the site.


Riverbend Homes

Riverbend Homes


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